Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Red Tent Temple in Tennessee!

It's just so exciting! Another Temple to be raised by the wonderful Yarrow of Witchwood who regularly leaves me sweet comments on my Plant Journeys blog. Yarrow - I'm thrilled to have you as part of our beautiful red web and I wish you many Moons ahead of blissful growth, celebration, and transformation for your Temple and all the Women who will be held by it.

See her new Temple blog and if you know anyone in TN - forward the link!!!!!

Are there more of you out there wishing to raise a Temple of your own? Email me or visit ALisa's site for more information. There will be a conference call on JULY 23 - don't miss it!

Also - There is a Red Tent Temple at Motherhouse in Cornwall CT that I recently learned about. It's a different structure than the one we use - but that's the diverse beauty of this movement!

Belly Blessings.....


Yarrow said...

Ananda, thank you so much for the llink and the very nice words. I really cant tell you how much I appreciate all of your help, ideas and suggestions. I am so excited about our Temple here, and feel blessed already. Blessings.

Spiral Traditions said...

Tis my asbsolute pleasure, Yarrow!

Yarrow said...

I like the idea of tye-dying dresses that the Motherhouse did. Lovely.