Wednesday, July 16, 2008

The Fourth Alternative: A Workshop

Coming in October, finally, to Western Connecticut: Paul and Connie Dunion!

Presenting a day of interactive immersion into their popular and revolutionary tools for deepening self and relationships.

Don’t miss the opportunity to absorb the wisdom, humor, and breadth of experience that Paul and Connie offer.

They will demonstrate both conceptual and tangible ways to work with and through conflict, leading us gracefully into:

The 4th Alternative

When couples face challenges in their relationships, they commonly resort to 3 ways of interacting:

1. attempt to influence others;

2. become adaptive;

3. avoid or withdraw physically and/or emotionally.

This workshop focuses upon strategies for interrupting each of these intimacy-reducing patterns.Couples will have an opportunity to identify which patterns are most active in their relationship and how to providethemselves with the safety necessary to deepen intimacy. Couples will be given specific skills for creating and maintaining individual and collective empowerment.

Facilitators: Dr. Paul Dunion and Connie Jones Dunion

About Paul and Connie: Paul, a psychotherapist with an EdD, has been offering workshops and writing

articles about human intimacy for the past 25 years. He is the creator of Shadow Marriage Counseling, a

therapeutic model for guiding couples. Paul has authored two books: Temptation In The House Of The

Lord, and Shadow Marriage - A Descent Into Intimacy. This latest book project inspired Paul, along with his

wife Connie, to begin offering the Couples Retreats in 2004. Connie is currently being trained and certified

in ShadowWork Group Facilitation. Along with her own 35-year journey of self & soul-discovery, Connie

brings 12 years of loving Paul and 27 years of experience working intimately with individuals as a colon

hydrotherapist to Shadow Marriage. Viewed as a bioenergetic form of working with Shadow, Connie's

practice of colon hydrotherapy focuses on balancing the lower chakras by releasing the emotional, mental,

and spiritual blockages while letting go physically.

For more about Connie, please see <>.

The Details:

Fee: $180.00 per couple, $75.00 deposit required.

When: Saturday, October 4, 2008, 9am to 4pm

Where: Sticks and Stones Farm

201 Huntingtown road, Newtown CT 06470

Delicious Home made lunch Included!

To Register:

Please Open this document, complete it and mail it in.

See you there!!!

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