Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Gratitude for the Temple of the Feminine

A toast!

To The beautiful Women who upheld the Red Tent Temple this month. Thank you for your unending dedication to this vision and for continuing to bring us together in this healing and empowering space. Thank you Virginia, Katy, Danna, Margot, Liberty, and the women who came with their open hearts and gifts.

It is an exciting time and women are ready. Temples new are being raised every couple of months. Wonderful things are occurring as ripple effects from being inside the red tent, as we re-weave our woman bonds and pursue our authentic lives.

Our next Temple on August 3 I deem to be: "bring someone with you day". Bring a teen, a Grandmother, a sister or friend. Bring your Mom or a neighbor. Bring a belly dancer or a drummer. Let another woman know that there is this special place for her to be. Keep the word rolling!

If you would like to Priestess for us on this day for formal circle, send me an email!

ALisa Starkweather sends her love and encouragement to all of us here at the Spiral chapter. She and her helpers are working hard to create a central online organizing space for the Temple and is especially inspired by the success of the various Temples across the U.S. and internationally... and so the reciprocity unfolds as we watch this beautiful transformation take place before our eyes. Keep watch on ALisa's site if you are a pending RTT organizer .. for future conference calls to partake of.

***Anyone interested in documenting this movement, or part of it, please come forward! We would love to have a youtube video made, articles, book or journal entries .... this is more vital than we can know. NOW is the time for us to re-write our sacred scriptures.... and who better for the task than us women?!

And...... August 7-10 will be the Daughters of the Earth Gathering at Earthlands (Mass) ..... if you want a full on amazing immersion.

Bright Summer Blessings,


Yarrow said...

Hi Ananda, I am working on starting a Red Tent Temple in my community. There is a great interest and we are working on our first one for August 28. Thanks for the information and inspiration here and on Plant Journeys. Love and blessings,

Spiral Traditions said...

Hi Yarrow - I'm so excited for you! Let me know if there is anything I can help with.

Yarrow said...

Oh that's so nice. Thank you.