Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Circle of Self-Love ~ February Red Tent Temple ~2/19/12

This month we are blessed to be led by sister Auria Light in a co-creative celebration of love and community! Join us! 

Your invitation from Auria and the Red Tent Temple: 

Hi Beautiful Sisters!

I am leading February's Red Tent in Bloomfield, CT
Sunday February 19th, 2012
11AM to 5PM. 

A time for tea, ART, and sharing in sisterhood! Come join us as we explore self love and celebration of the beauitiful gand strong woman we are!

Our month's focus will be exploring self love as well as connecting with our sisters to see how we can help one another with following and making our dreams come true!

Self Love Mandalas
Dream Field Mandala
Dancing with our Hearts
Creating a sister yoga mandala


I invite all woman coming to bring images, scrap, markers, glitter, glue, feathers and what ever they feel for self love mandala colleges and a group dream field mandala college!! Also bring your smiles and the gift that is you!

With Smiles and Gratitude,
~Auria Light


This site explains more about what Red Tent is!
Day's Schedule, details and address:
Sunday February 19th, 2012, from 11:00 am- 5:00 pm.

Sacred Circle from 3-5 is closed, only available to those who are present. Please try to arrive before 3, as the doors are locked at 3 to protect our time.

We need more women to attend - help us spread the word! On facebook, by forwarding this link to others, using our fliers, or by bringing a friend. Thank you! Go to:
Look up on FB: Red Tent Spiral Traditions, and RSVP on our event as well.

This Red Tent February the 19th on Sunday we ask women to come with:

1) Soup to share, or simple foods for the kitchen table
2) your own dishes and mug
3) your blanket, pillow, and slippers
4) a donation for the space ($5 - $30+)
5) an object for the community altar (you take this back home afterwards)
6) Items, scrap, glitter, markers etc. for the self love and dream field mandala
7)Comfy clothes for dancing and expressing your soul
8)We welcome you to bring your smile and beautiful self

6) Red Candles that are unscented and contained in a heat proof jar
7) Durable plastic storage bins with fitted lids
8) HELPERS in the morning for set up, 9:30am!

Please RSVP by replying below or email Ananda at: spiraltraditions@gmail.com
if your ARE attending, and if you will be able to arrive before 11 am to help with set up. (Thanks!)
Beauty Blessings,

Our email: spiraltraditions@gmail.com
Where to go: Auer Farm, Bloomfield, CT
The 4-H Education Center at Auerfarm
An Equal Opportunity Employer and Program Provider
158 Auerfarm Road • Bloomfield, CT 06002

When you enter Auer Farm road where the 4-H sign is, continue along the gravel road and bare to the right at the forks. We are located in the large white learning center building, directly across from the animal barn. Look for the restroom sign, and the red scarf tied to the stairway.

There are designated parking areas, please be sure not to park on bare ground, as muddy ground = stuck cars!

And some inspirations for your soul:

Video Courtesy: http://www.redtentmovie.com/