Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Help with Navigating this Site

Greetings everyone!

I have been in the process of transferring over to Wordpress for this website, particularly to offer you the convenience of a Navigation bar at the top so you can easily read the main information regarding the foundational content here; The Red Tent, Empowerment Workshops, Women's Gatherings and healing, The Circle of Maidens, and Spiritual Reflections. Unfortunately, Wordpress does not offer the combination of elements that I need in order to design the site in the needed manner through using their free options. So for now we remain here at blogspot, and I thought I would give you some helpful hints on how to find what you need here without a Navigation bar.

1)Take advantage of the search box in the upper left hand corner. Use specifics, and then click on "search this blog". Search examples would be:
Red Tent Temple dates, or: Workshops, CT, or: Temple Share list July 2008

2)Use the side bar. I have helpful links there for the people involved in the Movement, for paying for workshops, making donations, subscribing to a feed, and the almighty Calendar to view the integrated schedule of events. If you use Gmail you can very easily add dates to your own calendar.

3)Subscribe to a feed. If you keep up on all of Spiral Traditions and wish to not miss a beat.... subscribe using your google reader or whatever feed service you use. Then you will always know when a new post has been made ... but you will have to come directly to this site to take advantage of the side bar tools (and the pretty red ambiance). Subscription buttons for this are on the lower side bar.

4)Use the tags. At the bottom of each post there are categories. Find one you like and click on it to list all the posts under that category.

Have FUN!


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