Monday, December 7, 2009

(Special!) Red Tent Temple - December 13 - 2009

Hello Dear, Beautiful, Women!

Can't wait to tell you our latest Red Tent Project!

Welcome to Spiral Traditions Red Tent Sacred Artisan Bazaar

We have some extremely talented women in our circle - it's time to share, celebrate, and bask in the shine of our Goddess-given creativity and nourishment. Share with us the gifts of yourselves and of your sisters,and be welcomed home to graciousness in our sacred space.

On December 13, at Auer Farm in Bloomfield, we will hold a limited Sacred Artisan Bazaar in conjunction with our regularly scheduled monthly Red Tent gathering. Strict rules will be in place to uphold the original intention of the Red Tent Temple.
Here are the guidelines:

~We will hold our fair only until 1:00 - the rest of the day will be Red Tent Temple only, as usual. Come early to set up or to shop, 9 AM set up is open to begin.

~Participation is not a requirement, of course.

~We will not be allowing anything commercial (NO tupperware, or 'products' please, unless it's in regards to Women's empowerment or sustainability.)

~All pieces should be in alignment with Red Tent energies: HANDMADE items, art, music, herbals, or personal services are welcomed!

~If you are not certain, please ask.

~Your set up should take up small amount of space within our room, or you can set up a larger display in the entrance room, however please know that the main area will be shared with patrons of Auer Farm for the Christmas Tree season.

~There will be a silent RTT raffle! We ask that you consider donating an item or small service to the raffle, as this money will go directly to our RTT fund.

~All artisans are asked to donate a small portion of your profits from the day as well. We will not tag a percentage to this, as we are conscious of financial hardship and realize that some of you may be bartering with other artisans for holiday gifts, making money less available. Out of your heart for the Red Tent we ask that you consider our value to you in your life, and make an extra donation that is right for you.

~The Red Tent Temple maintains our availability to women of all economic circumstances.

We hope that you will welcome our new, one-time venture, and join us in creation, display, participation and celebration. The sacred space to offer you rest, rejuvenation, communion, peace, and love, will be carefully guarded.


It is time to gather together in a sacred space of safety, understanding, and blessings. Come to rest, to read, to eat, to drink, to commune, to listen, to be heard , to be healed, and to be loved... just as you are. There will be music, art, poetry, stories, and peace, and all you have to bring to the circle.

11AM to 5PM, soup and tea and candlelight. Sacred circle from 3PM to 5PM.

Come as you are. Reflect to see if you are called upon to priestess, or to bring items to enrich our time together. (See the blog for ideas.) Please remember that we ask you to donate what you can to our rental expenses.

Love and Belly Blessings,

Ananda, Danna, Diana, & all of the Spiral Traditions Temple Women

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