Monday, November 30, 2009

From Water Blessings to Birthday Bles...

From Water Blessings to Birthday Blessings – Inside the November Red Tent

On a gentle day that began with mists worthy of Avalon, the women returned to the farm and the Red Tent. It was warm for November and the breezes were soft like the curves of the farmland; and the geese called to us that, while our time had come to gather, theirs had come to fly and they welcomed us as they departed over the cornfields.

The women had returned and with them came the stuff of which wonderful Red Tents are made: beautiful fabrics and pillows with which to adorn the tent; art supplies for those who feel the delightful urge to create something beautiful, candles, food, pillows and blankets. Once our tent was adorned, we spent our free time relaxing, chatting, creating art, napping, journaling, doing readings, sharing nourishing food, and learning.

From the Storyteller’s Chair, Virginia shared the Water Blessing she recently learned, and gave us each a supply of this blessed sacred water so that we might take it home and continue this practice, sharing it with others as she had so generously shared it with us.

When it was time for our circle, Caterina gathered us and served as our Priestess for the day. She led us in meditation and guided exercises and sharing that helped us to open ourselves to the healing afforded by the circle and the power of the love of the women who sit within it. The energy of trust and healing and love that Caterina created was a gift to each who attended that day.

At the end of the circle, the women offered their individual birthday blessings to Diana on the eve of her 60th birthday. She was deeply touched and moved by the simple power of the blessings she received from each of the women of this loving community. It was a beautiful ending ceremony for our circle.

As we left, to return to our homes and our daily lives, we carried with us the powerful bond of sisterhood that we have created and nurture for each other every time we gather. We have learned of the beauty and treasures in our differences and found the joy of sharing our common experiences. And each month, when we gather, we know there will always be more gifts and blessings than we can count. For this, we are grateful, and we invite you to join us on December 13th so that you may find these gifts for yourself. Blessèd be.

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