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From Artisans’ Bazaar to the “Next St...

From Artisans’ Bazaar to the “Next Steps Journey” - December in the Red Tent

On a day that began in sunshine, the clouds and the grey came in quickly, but they could not dampen the glow emanating from the heart of the farm. The women had gathered again and their love and light can illumine even the darkest of days.

There was a lighthearted and joyful energy as they went about the business of creating and decorating their Red Tent. And because the day’s activities were to begin with a Sacred Artisans’ Bazaar, the women turned their attentions and their energies to helping each other set up their displays. The day was to be a special one, although every tent is special, and the women felt it.

It was exciting to see the fruits of the creativity of so many talented women. There were jewelry and greeting cards, fine art and poetry, herbal skin products and elixirs, all crafted by our very talented and creative women. Several members donated prizes for which a raffle was given to raise expense money for the Red Tent. And all that was only the first part of our day.

When the bazaar was over and the women had shared their soups and teas and company, they began their circle time together.

Virginia led a journey meditation in which the goal was to find one’s “next steps” on the path, in her life, in this world. The drum accompanied us on the journey and, when the meditation ended, we shared our experiences, where we had each gone, and what we had learned. The talking bowl was passed again and again as story led on to story and shared experiences resonated around the rim. On a very dark and rainy afternoon in December, the light glowed brightly as it emanated from within the heart of each woman and out into the circle and then the world, so in need of more illumination, more love.

In the Red Tent, we are learning how to nurture that love and light and share it with all who seek it, for we know that it is in this way that we can help to save ourselves and the Earth, and so we will continue to gather and shine that light and contribute all we can to the healing so needed by each of us and all our relations.

Please join us at our first Red Tent of 2010, on January 17th, and see what new magic we can create together. Aho.

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