Wednesday, February 24, 2010

02-21-10 Out With the Old

Out With the Old…February in the Red Tent

On a February day so beautiful it seemed to promise that Spring is not far behind, the women came from the Four Directions. Women of the Elements they are - Earth and Air and Fire and Water – and they carry those elemental gifts within and without. On this day they brought their diverse and unique spirits to the farm to join their sisters in the Red Tent Temple. As if some tribal drums had broadcast the message, they continued to come until hearts and spirits and the tent itself was thrumming with the energy of good women.

For several hours, we relaxed. Some wrote in journals, did artwork, or rested. Others shared stories, sought counsel, offered counsel, bore witness, and welcomed newcomers. There were tears and laughter and learning and love. We all nourished ourselves on wonderful soups – I think I counted six different pots – teas, fruit, salads, and finally, one amazing woman’s amazing fudge. Our special thanks to the Soup Artists and all the cooks as well.

Jaz brought an art project for us and we each made a heart card for ourselves and then wrote wonderful, magical messages in each other’s cards. It was good, loving fun and I’m pretty sure I wasn’t the only one who sniffed the construction paper to be delightfully brought back to a childhood where making cards was a frequent, joyfully uninhibited, and creative activity.

When it was time, Jaz, a princess of light and laughter, also our Priestess for the day, called the circle together. We began by naming into the circle our ancestor-women and any others we chose to place and hold within the rim of our sacred space. Jaz then led a meditation in which we identified, honored, and then released anything we had been holding within us that happened in the last year, in order to make space and new energy for the fresh life experiences to come in the current year. It was a moving and healing journey, and a powerful privilege to be a part of that circle. It was clear, as we then passed the talking bowl, that the women had felt the magic and gained much insight and gratitude from our circle that day. We ended in song and couldn’t help but notice that, unlike last month, it was still light outside, and just like last month, there was much light inside of each one of us.

After a bit more soup, much more laughter, always, much more laughter, and finally, cleaning up, the women said their goodbyes with hugs all around, and headed back out into the Four Directions to return home until the next Red Tent. Please join us there on Sunday, March 14th at 11:00 a.m.

Special Request: We ask each woman to bring one red column candle in a glass container to help us replenish our supply. A fun prize will be given to the woman who finds the lowest price. Grocery stores often carry these candles for relatively low prices. Thanks. If you haven’t got time to pick up a candle, do not fret.... come anyway! See you on the 14th.

The Red Tent

by Diana Powers

Today we came together in a specially blessed place,

for laughter and for wisdom, for sisterhood and grace.

Some came with long-felt longing, some, curiosity;

but each was drawn to be there in sacred trinity.

Our trinity, the Feminine, of Maiden, Mother, Crone;

so powerful, it helps us know that we are not alone.

We shared in conversation, and caring company,

and filled again our well of love with sweet community.

We drew the sacred circle and filled it from the heart;

the bold, the shy, the in-between, we came to do our part

to send the power up and out while healing from within,

and this bright ring of healing is where we all begin.

We bless each other with our trust, respect our right to be,

because we understand the gift that’s given when we see

that every path is sacred and every walk is true,

and so we honor our own paths and all those others too.


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