Monday, August 3, 2009

Healing your way into the Diamond Heart ~ Medicine Woman hosted by Four Winds Lodge, Northfield, CT


We are excited to announce a wonderful upcoming open circle on Sunday, August 30th at Four Winds Lodge in Northfield, Connecticut. Eileen O’Hare, an amazing medicine woman, healer and Shamanic Practitioner will be leading a healing circle, “Healing Your Way Into the Diamond Heart”.

PLEASE read on and forward to any interested parties! Space is limited so reserve your space soon by emailing Monica at
Give yourself a gift of an unforgettable experience of Unity Consciousness!!

Come and birth into the higher frequencies of Diamond Heart Love!
We invite you to explore deeper and higher aspects
of the Sacred Heart center.
Our intent is to unearth bits and pieces of
ourselves that are holding great power.
Who/what/when/where/how do we hold ourselves back?
We will track them. We will heal them.
They are already healed in this infinite moment of now.
This is a time of profound change.
We are all being invited to move deeper
into our Heart of Hearts for the highest good of all.
And we are being asked to raise our vibration into Unity Consciousness.
Be prepared to step into your power.
Be prepared to love and be loved!

Circle held on:
Sunday, August 30th
Facilitated by Eileen O’Hare,
Practitioner & Teacher, Andean Shamanism
Four Winds Lodge
Northfield, Connecticut
(Sliding scale $33-$44)
For more information-
Call Monica Dyer, 203.518.1398 or
Space is limited please rsvp by Aug. 15th

About Eileen:
Eileen O'Hare is a legacy carrier in the Andean (Peruvian) Medicine Tradition.
She is in the lineages of Don Manuel Quispe and Don Benito Quoriwaman.
She has sat with many teachers both in the US and in Peru.
Eileen has been studying and practicing Andean Shamanism for 10 years.

She is loving and serving Unity Consciousness by enacting the mission of the
Chacaruna - the bridge person, assisting others in achieving altered
states of consciousness for the highest good of all.
Her greatest love is her sharing of medicine songs and the use of sacred sound
for healing and transformation. Eileen has a private practice in Beacon, NY and NYC.
She and her husband Tom offer to students The Mesayok Medicine Spiral,
a shamanic intensive for deep personal healing as well as world service.

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