Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Poetry, Art, and Story: Inside the J...


Poetry, Art, and Story:  Inside the July Red Tent


Creativity abounds in the Red Tent and our July gathering was no exception.  We are all creative beings and it wasn’t long after we arrived that we were expressing it in many different ways.

            During our open time, we continued to explore diverse forms of creating visual art in our beautiful atmosphere of support, encouragement, and fun. There were almost as many different projects being created as there were women while we exchanged stories of where we’d been and what we’d been doing since the last tent.  While enjoying the nourishing energy that flows from the act of creating beauty, we spontaneously shared poems and stories and smiled at our great good fortune to be in such a magical place for the day. 

            For our circle time, Diana served as Priestess and led a “Story Circle” in which each of us shared a personal story of our choice.  There were tales of learning and wisdom, of discovery and of gratitude, of joy and sorrow, of pain and of healing.  We offered a sacred and safe space in which to share a bit of our selves with each other and gave each of our sisters, in turn, the focused listening that welcomes and cherishes each story, each person.  When we were done, each of us had given and received many gifts.  This is the power of story.

            And so ended our rejuvenating day of poetry, art, and story.  It turns out it was even more than all of that – much, much more.  Join us next month and see.



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