Monday, June 23, 2008

Maidens Blossoming

When Women gather in sacred space and welcome in their entire self; whole, unedited, authentic; it invokes the most powerful resources for magic and transformation. More and more important is it becoming to welcome our young maidens into this way of becoming, where they can grow into themselves through trust, truth, awareness, and deep support. In a world which simultaneously forces us to hold a facade, yet rips away our original rights of emotional and social protection, we are left with a world of lost and angry adolescents. Even with our loving family homes, there is a social aspect completely missing. Where are they allowed to safely break the rules to find the right boundaries? Express creativity without working for approval? Where are they allowed to question injustices in order to cultivate understanding and innovative solutions? Where can they learn a deep sense of self... in order to become resilient, self-guided adults? Where can they cry about losses and fears ... in front of friends who hold the space for them?

When we create sacred space, and we peel away the bitter human rinds, we find sweet common grounds. We find humans striving for real interdependence. Humans ashamed at careless action ..... and humans with an intrinsic drive to move towards love.

Young Maidens learning about their emotional and physical landscape need a place to usher them in. There are more and more of these circles being formed. There are more mentorship services, and more schools and parents asking for dynamic action toward integrating self-awareness activities and programs for our youth. We must start earlier, with preventative emotional and spiritual health, if we are to raise the next generation in a way which will sustain both human and ecological balance.

On a personal note .... a toast to the beautiful Spiral Tradition Maidens!
To changing the world one spiral at a time......

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