Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Rewriting our Stories…November in the Red Tent

Rewriting our Stories…November in the Red Tent

It’s still autumn in New England on this November day and the trees proudly wear their deepening shades of russet, umber, burnt sienna, and darkening golden amber. The women arrive at the Red Tent wearing heavier clothing than just a month before, wrapped in sweaters and thick socks, and smiles. The harvest is in, winter nears, and we are all ready for abundance and our gathering.

We relish our free time; such a treat it is for each of us. We chat, share food, write, create art, ponder, rest, and feel the spirit of our shared reverie in the nurturing, healing power of the tent, for it is we, held in the arms of the Divine, who create it for ourselves and each other.
As free time comes to an end, we smudge each other and bless ourselves in preparation for our sacred circle and then we begin.

Ananda served as our Priestess this day and began by asking us to introduce ourselves in “the daughter’s way” choosing an element of the Earth or other natural element to claim as our ancestor. The power of those introductions was a wonderful way to open this circle.

Our theme was “The Stories We Tell Ourselves” and each woman, in turn, offered up a story of her choosing and, after the telling, allowed us to comment and suggest ways in which she might rewrite the story to create healing for herself. It is amazing to watch the changes that take place, the gifts we exchange, when we put ourselves in the hands of our sisters. The circle ended with much gratitude, joy, and love and, once again, we found ourselves sad that the day had ended.

Before we left, we talked about next month’s tent which is the day of our Sacred Artisans’ Bazaar – a time of sharing our creative energies and the resulting beautiful and wonderful gifts we make, the products of the soul-deep gift of creation. When we let Spirit shine through us, the results are truly beautiful. And this is how the simple offering of our creations becomes a sacrament as we relish our Divine gifts and rejoice once again in the Divine in each of us.

Thank you to every woman who contributed to the beauty of the November Red Tent Temple.
Please join us next month on Sunday, December 5th, and help us to assure that the wonder and magic continues. In addition to the Bazaar, we will also have a raffle to raise money for the Red Tent. Please bring an item you are willing to contribute for this purpose. We look forward to seeing you at our last tent of 2010 and as we look forward to the gifts of 2011.

So it is. So it will be.

~ Diana Powers


In addition, please allow me to publicize an incredible documentary in the works! .......

Red Tent Sculpture

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