Saturday, May 16, 2009

RED TENT TEMPLE: May 24, 2009, plus an important announcement

Greetings Wonderful Women!

Most importantly, our next Red Tent Temple at Auer Farm will be taking place on Sunday, May 24.

For the complete details what our Red Tent Temple is, please read the March entry following this one.

Secondly, I am announcing to the community that effective immediately, I am looking for a replacement coordinator for our Spiral Traditions Red Tent Temple, in my stead.

There are many details in order to explain this undertaking, which will be written into a comprehensive document and available to anyone who requests it. I can say from my personal experience that it is deeply rewarding, transformational, and important.

I am not withdrawing from the Movement, but rather re-organizing my priorities to better serve my own needs and those of my families. The Red Tent is a huge passion of mine, yet one which needs more attention and nurturing than I can currently provide.

I, with the consult of my Temple Sisters, will be choosing who is best suited for this volunteer position based on commitment level, spiritual openness and vision, organizational skills, and Public Relations/computer savvy. Informal style applications will be in the form of email conversations. Those interested can email me. Please be prepared to be thorough and honest with your strengths and weaknesses.

The Woman who's calling this is and who takes my place, will have direct access to communication and coaching from me in order to facilitate an effective, smooth transition, as well as the backbone of 5 or 6 other members of our Temple who have the experience of the last year under their belts.

In Love and Light,

Ananda Wilson

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