Monday, January 26, 2009

We are growing!

Greetings Sisters! 

It's been a looong time (too long) since I have been able to post anything here aside from our regular invitations. Upon updating our email database and opening a yahoo group for us, I decided to see how the google search option has evolved since I tried it last year. 

Wow! What a delight. Upon searching "Red Tent CT" or "Red Tent Temple" we now get localized, applicable links to Red Tents and groups that are actually useful! Not to mention totally inspiring. It's so cool to watch this incredible movement blossom. More and more, the temples are rising. The first ones are paving a path for the new ones, and the word is OUT. Women, we ARE DOING THIS! 

It's deeply empowering to know that we can come together and unite our common vision of a whole and healing culture that truly honors women's time, mysteries, and cycles. We must declare this for ourselves, and when we do, we are heard. 

If you are one who has been coming all through 2008 - THANK YOU

If you are on the fence and hoping to come - We Welcome You!!

If you are going to start your own Temple in your area - A-HO, sister, let me know if you need help. Use the resources here, and be in contact with ALisa Starkweather, our founder.

For 2009 we anticipate an exciting evolution. Our emphasis will be on stability, laying an efficient and simple groundwork for communication, marketing, and of course our actual days. 

We have women who are great writers to offer words of inspiration for articles and fliers. We have a women with a fire in her belly to write a GRANT, and do some PR. We have women with huge hearts who will call others and connect with them over the phone, sister to sister. We have women who research and come organized with visions and tangible ideas. Women, you are remarkable.

The time is here, and we are loving it.

if you are in the Bristol area, there is another RTT:



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