Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Red Tent Temple Movement

"The Sisters are Coming"

She says in her voice of surrender and knowing.

We sat, together, in ancient circle, invoking the Red Tent. Come out of hiding great Mother, for we hear you now! We are no longer hushing you silent. If we speak, she will speak. If we heal, she will heal. If we listen, she will answer.

The Red Tent Temple Movement is Rising. Brewing inside Gaia's belly like hot molten rock, ready to burst open and transform the landscape of our culture. This is so necessary. So needed. So basic.

We as women are ready. As Mothers, daughters, and sisters, we are ready. We are joining together in our commonness and our uniqueness. We are manifesting a real place to hold us while we exist in mystery. The Moonlodge is a welcome womb, a place to be whole and holy, to be nourished and not rushed.

Every Month, on or near the New Moon, there will be Red Tents - not just here in CT where we are - but all across the world.

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