Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Red Tent Temple MAY 20, 2012, Bloomfield, CT

Danna, lovingly preparing our space. Februrary 2012

Greetings Women,

Let us gather together for time spent in nourishment and safe company.

Our Red Tent Temple is the space that sees us through - good times, rough times, growth, gestation, healing, and sharing of our stories as women and as a culture. This is where the paradigm shifts. We must gather, we must re-learn. We must rest.

This Sunday will serve two purposes in particular:

~ We will be honoring the passing of our dearest friend and Red Tent co-facilitator Danna Lewis Dyer.
(Formal services for her are on Saturday. lmk if you need those details)

~ And we will be recognizing young maidens for their spark of creativity, energy, and beauty in our world. That is - if teens attend! C'mon, girls!

It would also be of great help to me if a couple women/moms could come forward with:

-- a few facilitation/ceremonial aspects for the day.
-- help setting up, 10 am
-- soup bringing (Danna always brought soup)
-- a few extra dollars to donate to help recover from March's low attendance.
-- holders or plates for candles

But mostly, BRING YOU!

I will be bringing a slew of healing elixirs and sacred aromatics to share and annoint with! And herbal tea, of course. <3

PLEASE RSVP if you ARE coming. (no need to reply if you can't make it)

Thanks so much.

Beauty blessings,

email: spiraltraditions AT gmail DOT com

Maidens, greeting each other with sheer delight on prom night