Thursday, February 28, 2008

OPEN HOUSE - Great Hollow Wilderness School!

Great Hollow Wilderness School

Whole Earth Homeschool Program
FREE Open House
March 6th 9:00am to 12:00pm

Come get a taste of what Great Hollow has to offer your homeschoolers!! We are offering this FREE Open House to families who have never experienced Great Hollow Wilderness School.

The Whole Earth program consists of several weekly classes focused on Nature based education or adventure leadership. We develop long term mentoring relationships with our students as we facilitate a deeper connection to nature, other people, and themselves.

During our open house we will take you on a nature walk, participate in some of our favorite nature awareness games and team building initiatives and explore some of the beautiful places we visit during our programs. You will get a chance to meet some current students who can give your children an idea of a student’s perspective.

Space is limited, so call 203.746.5852 to reserve a spot and get directions!!

Great Hollow Wilderness School
225 Route 37, New Fairfield, CT 06812

Friday, February 22, 2008

Premier of "Journeyman" a heartwarming documentary on mentoring, rites of passage, and male culture in America

The Connecticut Premier of:


A new documentary on mentoring and two boy's paths to manhood. Join us for the CT Premiere 7:00 PM Thursday March 20th at the Country Cinema in Watertown, CT.

About Journeyman:
The film features Michael Gurian (The Good Son, The Wonder of Boys),Dr. Michael Obsatz (Raising Nonviolent Children in a Violent World), Dr. Barbara Coloroso, (Kids Are Worth It), Dr. David Walsh (The Selling Out of America's Children, Why Do They Act that Way?).
Journeyman studies the phenomena of "at risk" boys, plus issues in American male culture. The film discovers experiments to reinventmale communitiesby giving boys what they need to grow into mature manhood. Finally, Journeyman follows its characters into an authentic "Rites of Passage" where mentoring from a community of men and boys create a transformation experience for young boys entering adolescence.

Co-Producer Dr. Michael Obsatz, author of Raising Nonviolent Children in a Violent World, will present compelling research about adolescent depression, addiction, violence, self-esteem issues etc., and his perspectives on mentoring and rites of passage in American society. His presentation includes some current solutions to foster healthy development and transition for coming of age boys and girls. Representatives from Boys To Men New England Mentoring Network, Girls Initiate Passage & Mentorship, Big Brothers Big Sisters and COaMUNITY Project will also be available to answer questions.

Adults $10 / Youth ages12-17 $8 / Under 12 Free

For additional information, or to interview experts & subjects from Journeyman, please contact John Cummings 203-558-5423
Email: or go to our web page at:
For more information about Journeyman, you can also see the films website at

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Red Tent Temple FIRST DATE 3/9/08

Dearest Women,

This post is to announce, and invite you to, our very first

Red Tent Temple of the Spiral Traditions Chapter. Please forward this link to anyone you wish to be invited.

It is Scheduled for Sunday March 9th from 11 am to 5+ pm.

Formal circle will be held from 3-5.

Located on the beautiful land of Auer Farm we will be held in the arms of Mother Earth while we retreat safely and honor the feminine spirit.

Inside the Red Tent.... you will enter a Sacred space to heal and be heard. To be your whole self. To eat delicious hot soup and drink herbal tea. To tap into your divine creative source. There will be space to rest, journal, cry, connect with sisters, do yoga, meditate, and reconnect with what ties us all together, being woman. Womb or not, bleeding or not, all women are welcome. Donations are accepted but entrance is free. Wear a little red if you can.
*There will be a storytellers chair for women to speak or ask for speaking to. There will be a special tears bowl to welcome your sadness and letting go.
*Please feel welcome to come for the entire day, part of the day or just for the formal circle from 3pm-5pm, which will be inclusive for all women of many beliefs.
*Girls of menarche age are welcome to attend up until the formal circle, which will be for adults only. There will be opportunities for girls to receive counsel if so desired and be introduced to empowering information and resources on our reproductive system and natural menstruation products.
*An area will be provided for networking, please bring any materials that you would like to offer the women to take, ie business cards, pamphlets, etc. There will be a flipchart for any pertinent information to be announced regarding women centered special events, books, resources, natural products etc.

*Please bring your own dishware and mugs.
*And Please RSVP - so we can send you a paper on the basic guidelines of the Farm and for the day, and also so we can have a good idea of how many people are coming, and around when so we can be ready to warmly greet you.

*While we have some of the basic needs covered, there is welcome room for more women to step forward and volunteer to help. Below is a list of the main needs and responsibilities as well as who is helping with some of them. Please note that some of the tasks need more than one woman.

*If you cannot participate in the tasks - please do not let it hold you back from coming and taking full advantage of an open opportunity for you to arrive and be nourished! We need participants just as much in order to manifest this empowering vision.

*For those of you who would like to be a part of making sure we can use Auer farm on a regular basis, Katy has confirmed that a work share/barter system would consist of (per month) either:
1) Two people, each working a half day at the farm doing needed gardening, cleaning, office work, or other miscellaneous helpful things.
2) One two hour workshop taught, with an agreed amount going to fund the space. Please speak to Katy in regards to finances.
3) Volunteer help at periodic special events.
4) of course, would just be to contribute money, straight up.

*For the Day of:
If you are called to any one of these, please place your name next to it in bold or color and email it back to me. Thanks!

Large pottery bowl as our tears receptacle - Melissa
Set up - ananda, katy, Lucy, V, Mo
Break down - ananda
Bread- Katy, Mo
Providing Soup/s -Lucy, MD
Providing herbal belly tea/s, Sh,
Priestess for Circle -Lucy
Welcomer/greeter - Lucy, Ananda
Drumming, music - V, Mo
Cloth bringers (We really need more than one woman for this. It will take a lot of cloth to paint the room) -collective effort-
Pillow, backjack, mat bringers - V, Mo
Altar objects -every woman is encouraged to bring something for the altar, to be charged up with energy while she attends. Taken home after. (collective; all)
Candle provider - Sh,
Talking Bowl/stick bringer -MD
Healers; energy healers, body workers, oracles, willing to serve either for free or at lowered cost. -Margot
Massage Table -V, Margot
Large Paper on easel with pens -V
Collective Journal - ananda
Flowers/Roses- Mo
Choc covered strawberries- Mo
RTT flyers- Mo
Small altar for grief/loss space- Mo
3 part screen- Mo

Bright Blessings
The Red Tent Team

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Spiral Words 2~6~08

"Our mysteries are our passages or transformations, and they are the deep parts of our existence. Each of them, no matter how ordinary or extraordinary it may appear, has about it something numinous and sacred. It is the reclaiming and honoring of this sacredness that brings us back in touch with our power and the wonder of being women."

~Shekhinah Mountainwater, from Ariadne's Thread, page 20.

Friday, February 1, 2008

Circle of Maidens


A place to speak your truth. A place to feel the presence of your Great Grandmothers and their unconditional encouragement. Imagine learning the sounds and songs of the ancient ones. Imagine feeling valued and strong. Imagine a welcoming of your authentic self, an ushering into womanhood and into an inspirited life.

The Circle of Maidens will hold this vision as reality, as we come together to honor and celebrate the time of the young woman. Each young lady will have the chance to speak honestly and creatively, as we weave a web of creativity and spirituality during each gathering. Every month on the third Friday, we will gather in Sacred Circle to call in our true selves and embrace meaning.

Our first Circle is on February 15, from 6-9pm. The first three months are open to new participants, after that it will be a closed circle for the remaining 9 months of the year. We currently have three remaining openings.

Have an interest? Email us and we will send you additional information.

Blessed Be